Five Tips to Lose Weight in 2010

Let us talk about the evergreen topic: Is it possible at all to control our weight? Especially after reaching a certain age. The answer is YES.

There are some crucial points we have to stick to so that we can experience great results!

1. First of all, it is very important to have a positive mindset. We have to accept and love ourselves in all circumstances. A very effective technique has been developed by Gary Craig which is free and available for everybody. It is called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).
2. Writing down your goals is a must. You have to use a Present Tense instead of Future, as if it happened now. It is a good idea to put them into a frame and place it somewhere on your shelves so that you can read it every day.
3. Obviously, you need some exercises. Since the same parts of your brain will be activated if you do the exercises or you imagine them, mind movie techniques are very useful. Videos are available on the Internet.
4. Applying a low carbohydrate diet is a well-known necessity. It is advisable to focus on the food you can eat instead of those you must not. For instance, you can learn how to make tasty raw food and vegetarian meals. If you often concentrate on the list of forbidden foods you are going to attract them into your life.

5. Finally, one of the most important things is to get rid of all those parasites which live in your body and make you eat the wrong food. Dr. Hulda Clark developed a special equipment called ‘zapper’ which help people get rid of unwanted guests from their inner terrain. You can read more about these problems and also about the essential steps you must do in order to lose weight efficiently by clicking here:

If you put energy into this process you will see results for sure!

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Restores Your Body To Its Healthy State

No other animal on this planet could survive if they put the same things into their bodies as we humans put into ours. Heck, even humans that come from indigenous parts of the world become deathly ill when they adopt the “Western” diet.

That’s why for the first time in human history our life expectancy is decreasing!

Our bodies are sick and polluted–and just like any machine that’s been neglected and mistreated it’s not running at peak efficiency.
Thankfully the Master Cleanse can eliminate waste in just 10 days, and reverse a lot of the damage that has been caused to your body.

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The Root Cause For Diabetes – And How To Slowly But Surely Trigger Your Body To Produce More Insulin!

If you developed “Pre-Diabetes”… and don’t stop the attacks on your pancreas, you develop Type 2 and eventually Type 1 Diabetes.

A radical change in diet actually transforms your pancreas into the “first line of defense” against acids, waste and toxins that all of us ingest… and keep ingesting… each and every day.

Here’s what leading scientist, Dr Robert O. Young, has to say about the ROOT cause of Diabetes:

“Beta cells surrounded by acids do not or cannot produce sufficient insulin. Acids destroy insulin receptor sites on the cellular membrane so body cells cannot properly use the hormone. If alkalinity is not soon restored, disease, including diabetes, takes hold. But without acidosis, there can be no sickness or disease – there can be no diabetes.”

Dr. Young is an American microbiologist and nutrition scientist and known as one of the top research scientists in the world. His findings are currently sending shockwaves throughout the scientific community.

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Video on alkalizing life style

Why pH balance has a key role in keeping our bodies healthy? How does the body operate?

If we lose balance, how can we regain it?

To find answers, click on this link below:

You can also look at the alkalizing products and can order too:

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Alkalizing Diet Is Highly Recommended!

I’ve got to know alkalizing diet for about 2 years.

Although I am a biologist and have learned about homeostasis, it was rather surprising for me how big the importance of pH balance is.

The theory of New Biology established by Dr. Robert O. Young is dated back to the age of Louis Pasteur and Anthony Bechamp. A. Bechamp discovered the importance of surrounding. All of our cells are surrounded by extracellular fluid in the extracellular space through which they are in connection with each other, they can change materials, energy and information.

According to A. Bechamp and Dr. R.O. Young the purity of the extracellular fluid is a crucial question! If this space is filled with acidic, poisonous materials, the cells won’t be able to work properly.

pH shifting to the acidic direction can cause fatigue, problems with sleeping and different types of diseases depending on our genetic heritage.

It was very important for me to understand that all kinds of diseases have a common root which is called Acid Alkaline Imbalance. If we are able to restore the pH balance, our body is able to recover! It’s our responsibility to give our cells the chance to work properly.

I am very happy and grateful to Dr. Young so that I could learn these very important things and try to spread them towards as many people as possible. It’s a fantastic job that he did for the mankind.

I am going to quote some of his writings here in order to show and tell everybody how great his theory is. For me it’s not a ‘theory’ any more, but the basis of healthy life.



P.S. Searching for new information on the Internet I’ve found a wonderful man and his website about alkalizing diet, which I’d like to recommend now to all of you who are interested in the topic.